Friday, August 17, 2007

Give me liberty…

…or at least a trip to Philadelphia!

Here we are in front of the liberty bell. Nice little trip to see some of America's history.

Today most of the unit took a ride into nearby Philadelphia for some sightseeing. We took in a tour of Independence Hall, snapped a few photos of a group of us in front of the Liberty Bell and just relaxed.

Independence Hall.
This was actually a pretty cool moment as the other tourists stood aside and cheered for us as we posed, snapping photos for themselves with their own cameras.
We got to enjoy a nice day off while we ran around learning about the signings of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. If you’ve never been down to see the museum, I highly recommend it. The tour guide was quite knowledgeable and any history buff will get a kick out of many of the static displays.
Here is where all your rights were formed. They debated about and eventually signed
the Declaration of Independence here.
After checking out a part of the past we set forth in search of the best Philly cheese-steaks. We drove with one place in mind, Pat’s.
This place is famous for it’s food. The service was kind of like the soup nazi episode of Seinfeld. We all enjoyed the food, definitely an improvement over our normal army fare.
We wrapped up our day with a movie and then dinner at Charlie Browns Steak House. Just two more days at Fort Dix.
Next Stop Kuwait!!!

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